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Hello, everyone! We are hosting an event for everyone at ultimate on saturday 12th, 19:30 GMT. 

We have two phase event and we cant give approximately how long it will last, due to the amount of time it might take from people to beat the obstacles.

Phase One rewards:
1st place: Full quantum armor + 2000 dollars
2nd place: Quantum armorpiece of your choice + 3000 
3rd place: 1500 dollars

Phase Two rewards: TBA during the event 

There are few rules that must be followed in the challenge area:

Banned items in the event:- Nano armor, Quantum armor, jetpacks, power armor, gravi chest, 
Lightning Wand, Portal guns, Power tool/glove- Ender pearls

Allowed armor pieces and consumables during the event:Diamond, Iron, Chain, Bronze, Steel, Thaumium, Steeleaf, Gold, Leather, Apiarist.

Potions and enchantments allowed.

Any person wearing items that are not allowed, will be moved away from the event area.
builderrock Nice jazzel, i see that you added more stuff, awesome!
goreacraft a GJ, maybe someone will post it on youtube too


goreacraft a posted Mar 1, 14

Can contact me on Skype id: goreacraft

New teamspeak server ip: goreacraft.com

Hello dear players,

Goreacraft modpack for MC 1.6.4+ it is finished and available for play ,

To be able to see the modpack in ATLauncher, there i a button "Add Pack" and add the key: GoreaCraft , (caps matters) , download the latest version and join)

More detailed informations about how to install goreacraft modpack LINK

The server ip is added automatically in modpack. 

Please enable "leaderboards" in launcher configs.

builderrock good job gorea.. we are all proud of you man ...
goreacraft a The modpack is in testing for stability and balancing the gameplay. I am still waiting for a positive response from TAL ...
minecool27 Hey Gorea, approximately how long until your midpack is finished? -minecool27/Bubbawillis

Goreacraft mods

goreacraft a posted Jan 9, 14
I have been working an learning how to mod lately, 

if som1 wants to see my work so far please visit my post on minecraft forums:

Poop mod
Custom mobs drops


goreacraft a posted Jun 10, 13

All can contact me on teamspeak, name: goreacraft

TeamSpeak3 ip: goreacraft.enjinvoice.com

You can get teamspeack from: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads

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Tested: As of right now, AE is able to craft all 3 capacitors.
kraka - this is true with the latest update?
Gorea, it looks liek double layer capacitors and presumably octadic capacitors are uncraftable as well.
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