Website so dead today :(
Visitor Globe is awesomeeee
@Wildkiller44, jump on teamspeak and pm an admin or Gorea to help you
if you can help you can also give the things to jakerulz if he is on
My stuff is in a grave at spawn on direwolf20 please help
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Servers we have

goreacraft a posted Mar 28, 15

FTB Infinity (Mc1.7.10): (main) (info) (download)

FTB Direwolf20 (Mc1.7.10): (info) (download)

FTB Resurrection (Mc1.7.10): (info) (download)

FTB Ultimate (Mc1.4.7):

ATLauncher Beyond Reality 2.3.0b (Mc1.7.10): (info+download) (chose recommended mods)

Vanilla Creative server

Vanilla Minigames (MobsArena, ColorsShuffle, SpleefArena,TnT Run, etc)

True love

goreacraft a posted May 6, 15


gonefishin98 But yes, i was fishing too...
gonefishin98 As proof my Skype will now be potato plants :3
shadoking75 a Liars get banned right??

Gallery Submissions

shadoking75 a posted Dec 15, 14
Gallery Submissions!

Hey Everyone, on the homepage of this website, we are going to be replacing the Reset banner with a slideshow gallery of builds on the FTB Ultimate server! Either send me a picture in these comments, send me a link to the picture (imgur,deviantart, etc.) or ask me in game to take the screenshot for you! I'll also be going around the server asking people if they want me to take a screenshot.

I'm hoping to see the best this server has!

Website Revamp

shadoking75 a posted Nov 21, 14
Hello everyone! I am currently in charge if the website and am working on giving the website a fresh, new look for the upcoming reset. In the next week or so you may notice a few changes to the layout of the website. With anything new, there is the possibility of bugs. If there is something that isn't working for you or something isn't formatted right, tell me!

I am also taking suggestions for what the website should look like. Currently I have settled on a dark theme and I will be trying to add more visuals to make the website more appealing. When resets hit, the forums will be reset and we will start holding event dates and info about the server that'll make you want to look at the website from time to time. 

What do you all think?
Lord_Awesomness Needs more potatoes.
WattledSlinky85 Sounds good

Teamspeak ip

goreacraft a posted Apr 23, 14
ip for Teamspeak is:
if the domain is not working try with the ip:

Backup Ts server:

(this will be used only if the main is not working)
SollisNexus Can you fix Teamspeak cause whenever i try to connect to server, i cant and nothing happens. I also know that its becaus ...