I've gotta agree with Gorea
don't get a laptop, you are throwing money away (unless you are rich, then it is ok)
Good luck finding that laptop, Cya when you do!
Im selling my pc. So I wont be online untill I find a decent laptop. cheers! :)
It is fine now :)
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Today at around 5pm EST the direwolf server's map was wiped and players started off with a fresh, new map. Tps seems to have stabilized and the player market already has a few shops up! With this reset we made a few notible changes.

  • Banned Items list was shortened and reorganized
  • Economy prices were adjusted to be more expensive
  • Market has it's own world with 20 shops already setup
  • Switched from using ChestShop to QuickShop
  • Biomes O Plenty was used with this New map
  • I successfully took over the world

We're still working on some things we want to implement like automated minigames, but those take time and frankly, I'm going to take a nice 8 hour long vacation

Head on to if you're interested in starting fresh and competing with some players in an all out race to endgame.

Here's a screenshot of the spawn that we are using that was originally made by ScarletBox and changed to fit the modpack.

Teamspeak3 server

goreacraft posted Dec 13, 15  -  teamspeakts

Recommended ip:
raw ip/port : (raw ip might change in future, use this only if the above one fail)

We are getting full on teamspeak lately (nice), we are considering to upgrade to more then 32 users soon and until then we ask users that if they are going to be afk more than 2 hours to disconnect in order to make room for others.

On a side note please use your minecraft username as your nickname for Goreacraft ts, it helps not only you but others.

Servers we have

goreacraft posted Mar 28, 15

FTB Infinity (Mc1.7.10): (main) (info) (download)

FTB Infinity Expert Mode (Mc1.7.10): 

FTB Direwolf20 (Mc1.7.10): (info) (download

Tower Defence

goreacraft posted Aug 8, 15

Experiment tower defence server needs testers,

You need vanilla 1.8+ to join

Ip for the server is:

or direct ip:


  • you can craft only by using the book provided
  • usual behavior for book:
    • Left-Click selects,
    • Right-Click crafts first recipe available,
    • Shift+Right-Click crafts the second recipe available ( useful for uncrafting or upgrading)
  • all items can be upgraded to next tier if you have 3 from lower tier
  • only materials can be uncrafted
  • when on recipe menu mode, left click will toggle different available recipes and right click crafts (using number keys will craft multiple)
  • to go back to previous menu you can click away or click on any empty space
  • make the tutorials before adventuring into the challenges maps
  • if you lose the book, just use the command /td  or rejoin server

All players welcome and please dont rage about bugs, it is still a work in progress, and please report them so i can fix them

goreacraft Project is on HOLD for now until ... i don't know
tinosanto tried a way to break it and i did if you are in game, in the starting area you can jump out and get back to spawn while ...
mightylordx Great server love the idea of it. I understand that it is hard to code it but keep doing your best and you will succeed ...

True love

goreacraft posted May 5, 15


tinosanto Had to share it for science
gonefishin98 But yes, i was fishing too...
gonefishin98 As proof my Skype will now be potato plants :3