2nd voting link for infinity keeps telling me i voted already it hasn't registered a vote for 3 days now
FTB Ultimate is love, FT Ultimate is life.
i am working on an alternative way for you to get money on the server, just that i need to test it in detail and make sure no bugs in it, and this takes a bit time
by the way, voting works but the second vote link for infinity is kinda buggy. i have been missing out on that 200 dollars a couple of times already
instead of another server, why not boost the infinity server first. after the reset the infinity server has been very popular 30+ people online is very common nowadays
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November Update

shadoking75 a posted Nov 6, 15

Hey Everyone, We thought that it would be a good idea to update everyone on what has happened this month and what to expect as we move along the month into December.

The biggest and most noticible changes is that both the Infinity server and Direwolf server have reset and the Ressurrection server has been closed.

Infinity was reset by request and because the gap between new players and old became too big.

Direwolf however was not a planned reset. One of the plugins we used was not the correct version and ended up corrupting the overworld. Gorea and other staff looked into trying to fix the overworld for a few hours, but nothing could be done so we reset and opened the server with a new spawn that day.

For a while now Ressurrection has been a sort of pet project of ours. Interest in the server died, but we really enjoyed the maturity level of those few who played on the server. Sadly, interest in running the server died so we closed the server when we made the change to a new machine.

Because we have reset all servers, we will be making changes to each server individually and goreacraft as a whole. Just today, Gorea upgraded the computer our servers are unning on making it possible for us to do more frequent backups as well as allocate more space for each server. 

Server changes may include less banned items, changes in how we run player markets, donation packages and anything in between. Later in the week, I or another staff member will post some of the changes that we have made to the servers

We want to know what everyone thought of the previous resets. What did you like about the and what did you not like? How could we improve the servers to give players a better gaming experience?

shadoking75 a Supply and demand man, no one wants to buy expensive food when there's so much better things to buy. Go into nether star ...
Lord_Fusion @ Infinity
when will you open up a market that lets people actually sell things instead of going into debt? I can't fuel my dream o ...
zxc74171 @ Infinity
Wait...resurrection is closed? Oh my potato.

Servers we have

goreacraft a posted Mar 28, 15

FTB Infinity (Mc1.7.10): (main) (info) (download)

FTB Direwolf20 (Mc1.7.10): (info) (download

Tower Defence

goreacraft a posted Aug 8, 15

Experiment tower defence server needs testers,

You need vanilla 1.8+ to join

Ip for the server is:

or direct ip:


  • you can craft only by using the book provided
  • usual behavior for book:
    • Left-Click selects,
    • Right-Click crafts first recipe available,
    • Shift+Right-Click crafts the second recipe available ( useful for uncrafting or upgrading)
  • all items can be upgraded to next tier if you have 3 from lower tier
  • only materials can be uncrafted
  • when on recipe menu mode, left click will toggle different available recipes and right click crafts (using number keys will craft multiple)
  • to go back to previous menu you can click away or click on any empty space
  • make the tutorials before adventuring into the challenges maps
  • if you lose the book, just use the command /td  or rejoin server

All players welcome and please dont rage about bugs, it is still a work in progress, and please report them so i can fix them

tinosanto tried a way to break it and i did if you are in game, in the starting area you can jump out and get back to spawn while ...
mightylordx Great server love the idea of it. I understand that it is hard to code it but keep doing your best and you will succeed ...
goreacraft a i was expecting to see some feedback about this server until now ... :<

True love

goreacraft a posted May 6, 15


tinosanto Had to share it for science ...
gonefishin98 But yes, i was fishing too...
gonefishin98 As proof my Skype will now be potato plants :3

Website Revamp

shadoking75 a posted Nov 21, 14
Hello everyone! I am currently in charge if the website and am working on giving the website a fresh, new look for the upcoming reset. In the next week or so you may notice a few changes to the layout of the website. With anything new, there is the possibility of bugs. If there is something that isn't working for you or something isn't formatted right, tell me!

I am also taking suggestions for what the website should look like. Currently I have settled on a dark theme and I will be trying to add more visuals to make the website more appealing. When resets hit, the forums will be reset and we will start holding event dates and info about the server that'll make you want to look at the website from time to time. 

What do you all think?