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i have some family issues(funeral) and internet issues and i hope by the next week will be over, sorry for my inactivity, i will make sure all invoices are payed and will restart the server from time to time
Thanks Peder. Never would've noticed the server status RIGHT ABOVE this chat window, saying the server is down. (: Thanks for all your help, man!
The server is down just a heads up :)
I got no internet.. i am testing a new provider now, i hope will work, sorry for inactivity
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Teamspeak ip

goreacraft a posted Apr 23, 14
ip for Teamspeak is:


if the domain is not working try with the ip:
SollisNexus Can you fix Teamspeak cause whenever i try to connect to server, i cant and nothing happens. I also know that its becaus ...
Good news everyone! The Nether/Twilight/The End will be reset on 29th of June at 14:00 GMT. 

Mining World is back!

Jazzel posted May 21, 14
We are happy to announce that the mining world is back! 

Happy mining!
Hello everyone! We are hosting a Quake mini game event, on 17th of May GMT +1 21:00

The winners of the event will be rewarded with Quake themed prizes and in game currency.

1st place:
2nd place:

3rd place: 

Good luck and see you on the battleground!

Lord_Awesomness @ FTB ULTIMATE 1.1...
Sure, sure, do this on the day I'm busy with Prom.
brave22 What server is it one goreapack or monster?

E: Ultimate is up and running! Others coming up soon™..?(Valve, blizzard, riot time)
Jazzel Ultimate up, others coming up soon as well..
brave22 All i know is im raging at modded ftl. XD
maxxxph any idea how long it will take to fix it 1 day, 2 day, 1 week?
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