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It'd sure be nice if this server had admins.
hello, i am back from holiday and will be online in a few
No. >:I
Hello can any admins plz reply!
Hello all, sorry i was not online lately, but i am on holiday, c u all next week
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Teamspeak ip

goreacraft a posted Apr 23, 14
ip for Teamspeak is:


if the domain is not working try with the ip:
SollisNexus Can you fix Teamspeak cause whenever i try to connect to server, i cant and nothing happens. I also know that its becaus ...
Good news everyone! The Nether/Twilight/The End will be reset on 29th of June at 14:00 GMT. 

Mining World is back!

Jazzel posted May 21, 14
We are happy to announce that the mining world is back! 

Happy mining!
Hello everyone! We are hosting a Quake mini game event, on 17th of May GMT +1 21:00

The winners of the event will be rewarded with Quake themed prizes and in game currency.

1st place:
2nd place:

3rd place: 

Good luck and see you on the battleground!

Lord_Awesomness Sure, sure, do this on the day I'm busy with Prom.
brave22 What server is it one goreapack or monster?

E: Ultimate is up and running! Others coming up soon™..?(Valve, blizzard, riot time)
Jazzel Ultimate up, others coming up soon as well..
brave22 All i know is im raging at modded ftl. XD
maxxxph any idea how long it will take to fix it 1 day, 2 day, 1 week?
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